We’re a curious bunch, guided by our principles

In 1995, the early days of the wireless industry, push-to-talk radio was being displaced by analog cellular systems; wireless communication was becoming available to everyone. The communication industry was going to expand and, the company founded in 1981 as 'Carl’s Telephone Company,' needed to chart a course to expand with it. We penned a document that we called "Our Guiding Principles," a vision statement that was bigger than could have been imagined before we became Cartel.

Over 20 years later, we still subscribe to these same principles and we invite you to learn about us through them.

A catalyst for linking people together

Our roots are in distribution, channel management and systems integration. We have a passion for advanced communication technology and have fun providing elegant solutions to complex applications.

A focused team of creative life learners

Creativity lives and prospers when people enjoy what they do. In the interest of the people we serve, our role is to provide unequalled service, knowledge, and versatility.

“We believe that when it comes to the design of a critical communication system, it has to map precisely to the objectives of the agency that it is in place to support. Safety, Security, Operations and Logistics teams depend on us to get that right 100% of the time.”
Dave Sanche, CEO

Integrity and a sense of humor

We have witnessed the evolution of technology change and its impact on how we connect.  We are confident, energetic professionals who value our open, supportive environment. We take pride in developing long-term profitable customer relationships that are based on mutual respect and commitment.


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