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A Seamless Transition to NG911 Call Recording in Canada

March 24, 2024 by Cartel

With the CRTC's deadline rapidly approaching in Canada, the time to begin your NG911 transition is now. Learn the benefits of NG911 and explore five strategies for a seamless transition to NG911 call recording. Don’t delay; reach out to Cartel today to start your journey to NG911 compliance and operational excellence!

Telex: The Ultimate Dispatch Solution

August 22, 2023 by Cartel

The robust and flexible Network Coverage Solution for diverse DAS deployments

July 21, 2023 by Cartel

Whether you're in the market for a small-scale public safety DAS, or a complex multi-technology DAS, Cartel in combination with BTI will allow you to customize your network coverage solution with minimal third-party integrations

A Dive into Eventide's MediaWorks Software

July 7, 2023 by Cartel

Dive into Evenetide's DX Serie4s Solution software - MediaWorks

Canada's trusted mission-critical systems solutions providers

June 29, 2023 by Cartel

Partnering with Eventide meant marrying Cartel's top-tier service, an unbeatable recording product, and an integration of both company's connections to provide Canada's top trusted recording solution.