“I am excited to make use of Fluidmesh to provide a High Speed Data Radio (HSDR) System for one of our current transit projects. Having recently become a gold level partner with Fluidmesh, now part of Cisco, we see significant opportunities in Transit and other markets.” Says Neal Midgley, Cartel Communication Systems Inc. Product Manager for Enabling Solutions.

The new HSDR system shall provide high-speed data communications between stations and revenue vehicles, operations centres and the maintenance yard for a light rail transit project in Ottawa, Ontario. Fluidmesh provides license-free broadband trackside data links designed for reliable and stable connectivity in the transportation industry. There are also many advantages over traditional WiFi solutions including low latency, interference mitigation, high-speed vehicle mobility connections, extended connectivity through tunnels, and inherent security due to the proprietary nature of the protocol used.

About Fluidmesh Networks

Fluidmesh Networks is a hardware and software manufacturer of wireless point-to-point networks, wireless point-to-multipoint networks, and wireless mesh networks. Fluidmesh products are applicable for various applications including mining, ports transit, and other industrial applications with moving equipment.

Fluidmesh was founded in 2005 by a team of researchers and visionaries from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Politecnico of Milan. Their goal was to reliably deliver fiber-like performance via an unlicensed wireless spectrum – providing connectivity for mission-critical video, voice, and data.

Fluidmesh focuses on delivering fibre-like performances via a reliable and rock-solid wireless infrastructure.  With their proprietary and innovative technology, they have become a worldwide leader in wireless IP backbone systems for mission-critical applications.

As the world’s Internet of Things (IoT) develops, Fluidmesh will play a critical role by bringing broadband connectivity to sites and in environments that are today too hard or large to connect, such as high-speed moving vehicles and trains, large-scale industrial sites, distributed infrastructures, and complex urban environment.

Cisco announced that acquisition of Fluidmesh Networks, a leader in resilient wireless backhaul solutions is completed. Fluidmesh’s products support Cisco’s business resiliency for the growing demand for wireless in mission-critical applications and on-the-move assets. Fluidmesh’s technology is designed to provide zero loss of data transfer within high-speed assets including rail, subways, public transit, mining, and ports.

Neal Midgley, Product Manager

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Fluidmesh High Speed Data Radio System for Transit

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