Wireless Coverage attracts good tenants

In-Building Wireless Coverage is becoming essential for many reasons.  Many people have ‘cut the cord’ and use their smartphone as their main communication device.  Business deals are won or lost based on quick responses that rely on constant connectivity.  Loved ones rely on the wireless signals to reach one another when it matters.  Our public-safety first responders’ lives can depend on wireless coverage.  IoT (Internet of Things) and data devices are dependent on connectivity to fulfill their increasingly critical roles.  Tenants quickly become frustrated by the lack of cellular coverage in the workplace and savvy potential tenants look for great cellular coverage before they sign the lease.

Implementation can be challenging

It can be difficult for landlords, tenants, and businesses alike to ensure great wireless coverage throughout their building facilities.  Just determining the presence and strength of multiple wireless signals in different areas of a facility can be time-consuming and uses specialized equipment and skills to report accurately.   For larger systems, the capital costs of cellular coverage systems can be daunting.  The technologies used for cellular coverage systems are diverse and not commonplace which makes system planning, procurement, and long-term maintenance and monitoring challenges.  Working with the wireless operator’s cellular networks must be done with the operator’s approval which relies on an in-depth understanding of the operator’s acceptable technologies and practices.

Our way to success…. Knowledge and process yielding cost-effective results

A professional cellular coverage specialist will begin by conducting a radio frequency survey of the areas in question.  This survey objectively captures and conveys the cellular coverage that exists in the facility.  It identifies troublesome and good coverage areas alike with the resulting report including a visual heat map representation of the otherwise invisible radio frequencies in the area.  Important facility details required for the design and installation of the cellular coverage system are collected during this survey as well. 

Using the collected RF survey data, a cellular coverage system designer will use specialized software to design and model an appropriate coverage system for the facility that includes the cellular operator services requested.  Various technologies and approaches are considered, and a cost-effective solution is developed.  The design is then shared with the cellular wireless operator(s) for approval and support. 

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Once approval is obtained, a proposal is prepared for the supply and installation of the cellular coverage system.  The proposed system design, coverage model, and costs are all included so that all parties understand the cost versus benefit of the system.  Upon acceptance of the proposal, an installation schedule will be agreed upon and the installation can proceed in a manner that is as non-disruptive as required.

Once the installation is complete the system is turned on in coordination with the cellular wireless operator(s) in question.  Coverage is confirmed at the site with another post-installation RF survey and a proper interface to the cellular network is confirmed by the wireless operator(s).  The frowns and frustrations from lack of cellular coverage are gone.

Professionally designed cellular coverage systems are designed and built to exacting telco standards to perform reliably for years and to be non-damaging to the greater macro cellular network.  Large systems can be costly.  In certain situations, Cartel Communication Systems can mitigate this capital demand by offering ‘In-building Cellular Coverage as a Service’ through third-party ownership that may turn the potentially capital intensive system purchase into an operational expense.

Cartel Communication Systems can also offer system maintenance and monitoring through our Network Operations Centre.  Our NOC monitors emergency services equipment and systems across Canada so you can be assured that our monitoring and response capabilities are amongst the best available.  A monitoring and maintenance/response plan can be tailored to the customer’s needs and will ensure that the system provides maximum uptime.

With over 20 years of experience working with Cellular and wireless coverage, Cartel is the right partner to make cellular coverage easy.  Whether it’s 4G/5G Cellular, WIFI, two-way radio, industrial data IoT connections, or any other type of wireless connectivity, Cartel can make the difference between a successful solution deployment and an expensive ‘learning experience’.  Cartel leverages our technical expertise, extensive experience, and industry connectivity to ensure the right wireless services are present and delivered in a manner that meets the needs of customers.  Systems are designed to a budget and stay within budget.  Give us a call to make wireless easy, from your landline if you have to ????!

Rob Richardson, Product Manager, Coverage Solutions

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