I am delighted to be writing this letter to you as Cartel's new Sales Manager for the Prairies Region.

I have been around wireless communication since high school. I joined the military upon graduation and was trained as a Radio Communications Technician. I started out my civilian career in Calgary on the radio bench fixing 2-way radios and repeaters and installing trunked radio systems. I moved into sales and support the efforts of our organization with larger more complex opportunities.

Since then, I have been afforded numerous opportunities to travel around the world for work. I've bonded with new colleagues in a centuries' old cavernous restaurant and at a round ruckus table ineptly attempting to grab slippery seafood with chopsticks. Although I have been away from home for many days - sometimes missing family events - every time I walk through the door, I get the warmest welcome from my family. Relationships shape and define my career.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked wirh large global organizations and smaller independent businesses. I have been involved with macrocellular applications, in-building DAS, and Public Safety Solutions. Finding solutions that meet and exceed expectations is what motivates me every day.

I am here to help grow Cartel throughout the Prairies. I raised my family in Alberta and have worked and lived across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I know the strengths of these communities and the opportunities for wireless solutions in the area. Working with the Langley head office, as well as with our National team, I will provide quality solutions within the region.

If you have any questions about communication projects in the Prairies, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to finding and providing a solution that will improve your communication system and infrastructure.

Sincerely, Michael Parker



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