The emergency radio communication (E-Comm) network provides radio communications for all emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance in Vancouver and the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Burnaby, Surrey, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Township of Langley, District of North Vancouver, and White Rock are among the growing list of municipalities that have specific Bylaws for E-Comm.

Cartel has long been successful working with the relevant authorities and consultants in delivering E-Comm radio networks and now has hundreds of successful installs. The installation and maintenance of an in-building radio amplification system ensure uninterrupted public safety communications during disasters as well as fire, police, and ambulance emergencies.

As an example, consider the recent 55,000 sq. ft., over 4 levels plus 2 levels of parking, a solution we recently completed for a large employee benefits provider in Surrey, BC. As with all projects, we utilized our 4 step ‘Cartel Way’ to ensure excellent results:

1.       Discover & Collaborate:

Every project starts out with an E-Comm requirement for a new building.  We worked closely with a local engineering company in 2018 by reviewing their building drawings. Our initial assessment is to develop a preliminary E-Comm design based on the floorplans as provided.

2.       Design & Engineer:

Once the building was near completion in August 2020, we then began the ‘design & engineer’ phase where we conducted a site survey to validate the necessary requirements. Using the findings from the site survey by our field technician, our engineering team subsequently completed a final design for this E-Comm amplification system.

3.       Deploy & Implement

The proposed E-Comm system design was presented to the owners of this large independent employee benefits provider company for approval.  Once approved for deployment, our installation team gets to work installing cabling and antennas  The field technician ensured that there was at least 95% coverage in all areas of the building. To complete commissioning, we delivered a professional engineer’s stamped report with the final design and as-built performance for the E-Comm system, certifying compliance with the Bylaw.

4.       Life Cycle Management

Cartel selects only high performance and highly reliable systems.  Ongoing support includes an annual onsite measurement resulting in the required stamped annual inspection report.

For more about the E-Comm amplification systems and how it can address your building needs, please contact Cartel Communication Systems.


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