Every product has a lifecycle. The lifecycle begins when a product is released and ends when it is no longer supported. It is important to know these key dates in this lifecycle so that it helps you make informed decisions about when to upgrade or make other changes to your hardware and software.

End of support

End of support refers to the date when TASC Systems no longer provides fixes, updates, or technical assistance. This is the time to make sure you have the latest version of software installed. Without TASC Systems’ support, you will no longer receive product and security updates that can help protect your critical network.


Latest version

End of Production

End of Support



June 1, 2016

June 1, 2019      (Extended to Jan 1, 2020)



June 1, 2020

Jan 1, 2022

sitePortal Lite


Jan 1, 2013

Jan 1, 2017

Apex EMS


Jan 1, 2019

Jan 1, 2023*

siteVIEW Enterprise


Jan 1, 2016

Jan 1, 2017*

*TASC Software versions that rely on alpha-numeric license keys for activation will no longer be able to activate past Dec. 31, 2022. Versions of software with the Green USB dongle will remain able to reactivate past this date.

Upgrade offer

To assist you in updating your network to the current version of both hardware and software, Cartel will be offering all existing customers the following discounts on product for advanced upgrades.


Upgrade Product


Offer Valid




Jan 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020




Jan 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

siteWRX/siteVIEW/ Apex EMS

Apex 4

100% of previous software purchases applied as invoice credit towards Apex 4*

Jan 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

With the purchase of TASC SLA (Service Level Agreement).

If you want to know more about TASC Systems products and solutions to help you manage your networks, call us at 1800.663.0070.

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TASC Systems Product Lifecycle and Upgrade Offer

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