Until recently, if an organization wanted to deploy a private wireless network at a factory, office building, transit hub, or over a utility service, the options were limited to Wi-Fi, public networks, or proprietary network technologies. These technologies are adequate to connect laptops or for limited Industrial IoT use cases. However, the security limitations, issues in long-distance connectivity as well as high ongoing maintenance costs, make it difficult to use these networks for many industrial applications, especially in the mining industry.  

Mine sites are located in remote areas with limited network coverage and secure connectivity challenges. This spurs a real need for wireless networks with high availability, seamless mobility, world-class quality of service, improved security, and the ability to support multiple applications and services simultaneously. To meet these requirements, a private LTE network with 5G ready technology is now an effective solution.

In today’s world, LTE private networks are increasing rapidly in both underground and surface mining, primarily driven by the need for connecting multiple applications and for improving the speed of automation implementation. The demand for LTE has led to the collaboration and strategic partnerships between communications equipment providers, cellular carriers, system integrators, key mining equipment OEMs, and mining companies.

Cartel’s expertise and capabilities in deploying a Private LTE network

Cartel, being a leader in the communications industry with decades of experience in network coverage and LTE applications, is making its mark in the mining industry.

Objective: Cartel is currently involved in establishing a multi-site wireless private network, supporting a major Canadian wireless provider. The private LTE network is being installed for a major multinational mining corporation that is looking for a highly secure wireless communication solution enabling advanced applications at their surface mine in Ontario. These advanced applications include autonomous hauling trucks as well as improved safety and network connectivity for on-site workers. The private LTE network will also be used to connect numerous IoT devices planned to be deployed throughout the site.

The site is enormous, with the mining operations happening in an open pit spanning over 2 kilometers in length and hundreds of meters in depth; the processing plant covering over 2 football fields in length, and support buildings covering a total area of nearly 150 square kilometers.  Such a scale puts an emphasis on excellent system design with extensive, uninterrupted, secured network coverage and choice of a high-frequency spectrum as prime factors.

Approach: Cartel initiated the project with an extensive RF site survey and inspection of the property.  Our engineers then collaborated with the public carrier partner to create a wireless coverage map that covered the entire mining operations facility. Working with our partners throughout Canada, Cartel is responsible for all the required tower supply and installation as well as the installation of all the RAN and Core equipment for the project. We will also be creating a test procedure for the end user devices that will be installed in the mine vehicles at our facility in Langley. We will ensure all the safety parameters and implementation standards are met before we install at the site.

Cartel will act as a catalyst collaborating with different vendors to integrate multiple equipment and devices and to ensure a smooth, seamless installation experience. Our team is playing an integral role in providing end-to-end service from RF engineering through project management, tower engineering, equipment testing, deployment to ongoing maintenance and support.

Deployment: The project is expected to be largely completed by this year.collage 1.pngWith over 20 years of knowledge working with cellular and wireless coverage, Cartel is the right partner to make cellular coverage more seamless and efficient. Whether it is 4G/5G cellular, private LTE, Wi-Fi, two-way radio, industrial IoT connections, or any other type of wireless connectivity, Cartel‘s excellence will make a remarkable difference in your results. Reach out to us to set up your exclusive, private LTE network, be it in any industry sector.

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