I recently returned from the IWCE 2019 telecommunications exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I enjoyed walking the floor and meeting the vendors. Most of all, I enjoyed learning about the new ways they are thinking about and building communications technology.

The SMART Coupler by Microlab is a radio frequency (RF) coupler with embedded signal monitoring intelligence. This product is designed for in-building public safety wireless networks. Cartel works a lot with Public Safety departments and with Emergency Communication Radio building amplification projects. Connecting this kind of product to the Headend system allows our clients real-time monitoring, and a quick assessment of their system health (for each stand-alone part), over a web interface. 

I was also pleased to meet the people from Leonardo and to learn about their multi-technology solution. This system includes DMR, P25, analog, and provides interoperability among different radio manufacturers. Because we maintain long relationships with all of our clients, it’s always good to find solutions that will allow the use of existing equipment, patching, and upgrading in one system. 

In terms of other good ideas, I was intrigued by the idea of an indoor GPS, especially critical in underground spaces like transport tunnels. Cartel works on light rapid transit projects and technologies that help to determine a train, or person's, exact location, also keep people safe while they travel underground. 

This was my first time in Vegas and it was great to meet so many telecommunication professionals from so many countries. International exhibitions are designed to bring together like-minded people from around the world. IWCE 2019 did just that. 

—Vladimir Gorkavenko, System Engineer


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