I would like to introduce myself, Steve Prescesky, as the new President of Cartel Communication Systems. I would also like to thank Dave Sanche for the trust he has shown in me by naming me to this position.  

I am a professional Systems Engineer and an engineer at heart.  Throughout my 30-year career, I have been involved with technical hardware, networks, and wireless systems. In 2003, I co-founded a successful machine vision company, a supplier to infrastructure solutions providers that put automated digital cameras into traffic and transportation systems. The passion for technology that led me to co-create my own company has likewise led me to Cartel, a company that weds systems engineering with communication.  

In my first week at Cartel I traveled to Ottawa to meet with our Regional Director, Gerald Mayer. Gerry explained that he loves it when he sees a tunnel or building where wireless signals don’t go naturally; he gets excited because he knows Cartel has the solution. I also had the privilege of attending Toronto meetings with suppliers and customers of our Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit project, a major endeavor that will provide Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Voice and Data Radio System (VDRS) to the Eglinton expansion of the Toronto subway system. These discussions illustrated the innovative and rigorous ways that Cartel engineers communication solutions. More than anything, my first week confirmed for me how Cartel has maintained a reputation for excellence in designing, building, and enhancing communications networks across Canada: Cartel puts customers first.

I have long believed in building companies that put customers first. A lot of companies say that, but when it becomes a core value, something a company culture strives towards every day, it shifts the dynamic. That is something I’ve lived in my own professional life and something I experienced from the time I first met Dave, through my trip to Toronto, and continue to experience every day in the Langley head office. 

Life is better when we communicate. I look forward to supporting our team as they engineer systems and solutions that make communications better. 

Steve Prescesky,
President, Cartel Communication Systems Inc



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