Founded in 1981 and serving Canada through branches across the country, Cartel Communication Systems provides a wide range of products and services for the communication industry and commercial wireless enterprises through our extensive solutions. Our systems design and services are further enhanced by our own engineering facilities of custom manufacturing and large warehousing at our corporate head office in British Columbia. When it comes to partners, Cartel works to choose the best-in-class technology offerings, and BTI is no exception. 

BTI, a leading-edge technical innovator, specializes in creating world leading solutions to solve the coverage and capacity challenges of public safety and cellular solutions. With a reputation as a technical innovator, producing high-quality products, and with state of the art supply chain management,BTI has become the choice of Mobile network operators and large scale project managers across the world. BTI’s North American Core and RAN Innovation Design Center in Vancouver, British Columbia leads the market in developing and manufacturing All-IP based wireless infrastructure technologies. Combining these products with the Crossfire all digital distributed antenna system provides wireless operators with an end to end product portfolio for Heterogeneous Network Solutions.

The BTI CrossFire Digital DAS platform enables mixed deployment of high-power and nano-power remote nodes to support the complex environments unique to in-building and venue coverage. CrossFire’s highly efficient remote nodes deliver un-compromising performance with a modular design that allows you to deploy only what you need today, and inexpensively add on or upgrade as your needs require. CrossFire, a leading-edge DAS platform, provides mobile network operators with the most cost-effective DAS Solution available today. Innovative transport technology, capable of supporting multiple complete 3GPP bands, simplifies deployment while ensuring ongoing network configuration is merely a click away.

Another standout in the BTI lineup, The CrossFire Access Unit, (AU), is only 1U high, and provides connectivity between the DAS and the serving base stations. The AU is responsible for signal digitizing, signal filtering and optical transport. It accommodates up to 4 x 3GPP bands and any technology and can be expanded to support 12 bands, supporting any combination of SISO and MIMO. . 

Whether you're in the market for a simple public safety DAS, or a complex multi-technology DAS, Cartel in combination with BTI will allow you to customize your network coverage solution with minimal third-party integrations. Connect with our team today to learn more! 

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