Founded in 1981 and now serving Canada through branches across the country, Cartel Communication Systems provides a wide range of products and services for the communication industry and commercial wireless enterprises through our extensive solutions. Our systems design and services are further enhanced by our own engineering facilities of custom manufacturing and large warehousing at our corporate head office in British Columbia. With top-tier standards for technological solutions, Cartel also ensures we partner with top-tier vendors, and Telex is no exception. 

Telex and Cartel Communication Systems Inc’s relationship began more than 20 years ago, as Cartel moved beyond distribution and began focusing on utilities and dispatch systems. Through the decades of partnership, Cartel has been a choice distributor for Telex solutions, with multiple key deployments and customers. 

While there are many manufacturers in the mission critical communications market, few can claim the stability found in Telex’s parent company, the Bosch Group. Telex products also work together: IP-based Telex solutions can be integrated with public address and security solutions from Bosch – customize a system that suits the unique needs of your operation.

Telex radio dispatch systems offer the ultimate in interoperability, reliability, and scalability for ROIP/VOIP communications — including the easy-to-use C-Soft control software with optional direct IP interfaces and the IP-224 radio gateway for converting analog communications to IP. Not to mention the highly celebrated IP3000 series, including the 3008 and 3018, as well as the fully customizable Remote Diaptch Control option.
With offerings such as the all new IP-3000 series, which combines console, software and direct IP interfaces into single easy-to-configure devices; and the Console Management System, which is hosted on a centralized web server, allows system administrators to configure, manage to solve operational issues, in an improved and secured environment; Telex has a solution for even the most complex dispatch projects. 

To learn more about how Telex can integrate into your dispatch environment, connect with our sales team today! 

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Telex: The Ultimate Dispatch Solution

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