New Afton Mine, B.C.

New Afton mine covers approximately 3 square KM above ground, with approximately 21 square KM of underground tunnels. Cartel needed to supply a design that would leverage their significant investment in fibre optics underground infrastructure and incorporate a multi-site, multi-channel TETRA Radio Network.

The custom application that you developed for tracking our radio assets serves us well. We were pleasantly surprised that your team could expand the functionally to support additional critical equipment saving us both time and money.


Creatively Deployed TETRA Radio Network

Using a software suite developed by our sister company, TASC Systems, a custom “asset management” package was implemented that saved the mine hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital equipment and provides pin-point details on critical equipment and system performance.


Secured for Rough Use

Mining operations are a very demanding environment; many commercial IT platforms do not stand up to the riggers of daily use. Selecting system elements for this design that survive in rough terrain and perform was a challenge. Cartel Communication Systems accomplished this objective as the New Afton Mine is in its 6th year of operations.


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